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Our aim here, at DotPanda, is to give you the very best web hosting every single time for every single customer. We do this specifically in 3 ways. This makes us stand out from all of the rest of the hosting providers!

1. Simplicity. We have taken all the complicated jargon out of web hosting. All you need to worry about is how much space you need. Every other feature we offer is unlimited and only limited by how much space you have.
2. Technology. All our servers use the very latest technology. Dual Quad Core servers and Solid State hard-drives by default are just a couple of ways we make sure we are the best.
3. Server Load. Unlike other web hosting providers, we don't fill our servers to the max with websites. That means you website isn't struggling for system resources and the end result is a faster site!
DotPanda prides itself on being the most transparent hosting packages on the web. Unlike some of our competitors we don't charge you extra for email addresses, subdomains etc. All our packages come with the ability to add sub domains/Addon Domains and Unlimited Email Accounts as standard. Our only restriction is storage space you require.
We don't offer a free trial but you can get a month of hosting with us from as little as £2.49 with no contract so you can cancel whenever you like.
We aim to get your services setup as quickly as possible. With Web Hosting this is instant however with other services such as SSL Certificates this can take a little bit of time to get setup.
We accept payments through PayPal, which you can use your standard Debit or Credit card with the added protection of PayPal, and Visa. We also accept PayPal Subscribe if you would like to make your renewal process even easier.
Once your services have been purchased and set up you will able to login to the DotPanda website and manage your account. This includes managing your billing, opening support tickets, as well as link to log directly into your cPanel account (if you have purchased hosting with us).
We offer three types of hosting; shared web-hosting, dedicated server hosting and Virtual Private Server hosting. We also have a variety of other services, such as domain registration and SSL certificates. Our sister company also provides high quality Business IT Support for businesses of all sizes. Click here to learn more!
If you are an existing customer you can open a support ticket by logging into your account. Alternatively you can either call us on : 0333 366 0195 or send us an email using our contact form.