Shared Hosting

  • Panda Silver

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    • This package is suitable for the majority of smaller websites. If you are unsure what the best package is for you, then start with this one.
  • Panda Gold

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    • Need a bit more space for a bigger website? Or perhaps you want to fit a few more email addresses? Then this package is for you.
  • Panda Platinum

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    • This package is for bigger websites or people with lots of mail. Its also suitable for medium sized e-commerce sites with high quality media.
  • Panda Diamond

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    • Do you have a website with lots of high quality media, lots of email addresses or high usage mailboxes? Then this is the package for you.
  • Panda Adamantium

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    • This package is for projects that are just on the edge of getting their own dedicated server. This will hold a large amount of data